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 2011 HCAA Recognition Award Recipients
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2011 HCAA Recognition Award Recipients

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Congratulations and thank you to the following who were honored by the HCAA for their significant contributions to school athletics.  L-R: Trevor Otsig, Nevin Halyk, Jordann Casler, Terry Gaudet.  Not in photo:  Desi Zimmerman, Kellie Maslin, Rob McGregor, Steve Armstrong.

NW Quadrant


Trevor Otsig has been teaching and coaching at Three Lakes School since 1998.  In this time, his student-athletes have seen great success.  This past year he coached the cross-country team to their third consecutive provincial gold, the senior girls soccer team to provincial gold, and the senior girls basketball team to provincial silver (the fourth basketball medal in five years).  Trevor also coaches track and field, with many of his athletes also receiving provincial medals.
Trevor involves his athletes and makes every aspect of athletics fun.  The athletes learn valuable skills as well as life lessons such as responsibility, commitment, drive, team work, and goal-setting.  He demonstrates respect and trust to both students and staff, and exhibits calm even in tense moments.  He is a great mentor and friend for the athletes/students.  It is because of these traits that many of his athletes end up being great leaders not only in high school, but also later in life.  

In spite of a very busy family life, Trevor finds time to volunteer in the school, helping in the canteen and refereeing when need be.  He also sets up activities for intramurals and special events, and also created ‘Sunday Nite Basketball’ for everyone to participate in if they wish.  He has fundraised for athletic equipment such as a new score clock, crash mats, score table, new basketballs, and glass backboards, and is in the midst of raising money for a new gym floor.  He has also redone the fitness centre at the school which the students can enjoy on a daily basis.

Trevor is also an active member of the community, serving as a councilor for the Village of Middle Lake and as a member of the Middle Lake Lions Club.

Trevor Otsig has gone above and beyond for his school and students.   He has taken the leadership in instilling a well-rounded athletics program at Three Lakes School.  Trevor is the epitome of dedication to high school athletics and dedication to his school and school community.


Terry Gaudet has been a teacher at l’école St-Isidore in Bellevue since 1995.  Terry has been involved in all extra-curricular activities offered by the school, but he has shown a definite passion for coaching senior boys volleyball.  Over the years, he has unselfishly given of his time to improve his teams’ performance with regular after school hour practices, and has traveled many weekends throughout the province competing in tournaments and expanding opportunities for his student-athletes.  Many members of his teams have joined club volleyball in Prince Albert and Saskatoon.  He has also taken every opportunity offered to him to better his coaching skills.   His teams have made it to the provincial tournament 5 times in 8 years, winning gold in 2005 (a first for l’école St-Isidore).  

Terry promotes participation in other school sports as well.  He coaches badminton and again drives students throughout the region for competitions.  His motto is not to miss an opportunity for his students to play sports.  His hope is that the students graduating from l’école St-Isidore will have the confidence and desire to participate in sports activities as adults and to meet new people, keep up their skills, and stay fit.

Terry is also responsible for the noon hour intramural program.  He organizes mini tournaments that take place throughout the year.  At noon hour, Terry can usually be found in the gym, participating with the students, having a practice, or giving students pointers on how to improve their game.

Terry Gaudet has gone above and beyond what is expected and his dedication has been an asset to l’école St-Isidore.  His encouragement, volunteerism, and passion for sports have helped the students become young adults who develop their own passions.

NE Quadrant


Nevin Halyk is currently the vice-principal at Foam Lake Composite School.  He will be taking over the principalship in Wakaw in the fall.  Nevin works tirelessly for his students.  Nevin was the head coach of the junior football team at FLCS and was instrumental in getting the program going.  Nevin has coached anything and everything in the past including volleyball, track, and badminton, and has taken on a valuable role as an official in both football and basketball.  Nevin is also one of the lead organizers of the science fair and is heavily involved in drama.  He is a member of town council in Foam Lake and serves on many boards in town.  Nevin Halyk will be missed at FLCS; Wakaw will be gaining avaluable asset.


Over the past several years, Desi Zimmerman has coached senior girls volleyball and senior badminton in Englefeld.  Because of his dedication to these programs, the school has participated at the Provincial level on several occasions, bringing home gold and silver medals in badminton and the Sportsmanship Award in senior girls volleyball.


Kellie Maslin's contributions at Quill Lake School are countless and greatly appreciated.  
She currently coaches senior girls volleyball, badminton (contributes at all levels), track and field, and she is currently coaching a Quill Lake athlete that is going to attend the Special Olympics in Athens, Greece in June of this year.

The organization and operation of Quill Lake School’s SRC has traditionally been a two person job and Kellie has taken this on herself this year with her SRC colleague out on mat leave.  Kellie is also an active leader in the school’s in motion, Breakfast for Learning, and Nutition Positive  programs.  No matter what is going on at Quill Lake School, Kellie is involved and usually in a leadership role.

SW Quadrant


Rob McGregor is a strong advocate of student athletics.  Rob has been involved in District athletics as a coach, official, organizer, and supporter.  Rob has coached senior and junior volleyball as well as junior basketball and has also been instrumental in organizing basketball and badminton leagues for the elementary school athletes to develop in.  Rob has also been heavily involved in officiating in the District in volleyball, football, and basketball.   


During the past 10 years, Steve Armstrong has given countless hours of his time to both the students of Winston High School as well as the District , especially in the areas of basketball and track & field.  Steve is one of Winston High School’s football coaches and for several years has been the junior girls basketball coach.  During his coaching tenure, he has organized tournaments, league playoffs, and District championships in Watrous.

Steve has also been an integral part of the Pre-District and District track meets.  He has volunteered to learn the new track program and has not only operated it at all levels of track, but has also been an important part of educating others on how to use it.  He is always available to help others who are having trouble with its operation.  His commitment has allowed our track days to operate efficiently and without major problems.

SE Quadrant


Since her arrival at Punnichy Community High School two years ago, Jordann Casler has been an inspiration to the students as well as a mentor.   She has worked very hard to create positive relationships with all of the students that she works with in and out of the classroom.   She has spent many hours working with students after hours to improve their athletic abilities.  She also plans events within the school that motivates students to improve their self-esteem and school spirit such as pep rallies, the Marathon Club, and Pie in the Eye.  She has been responsible for inviting many guests into her classes to discuss such things as Planned Parenthood and drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

When she arrived at PCHS, Jordann jumped in with both feet and worked to improve the school athletic department.  She has been the athletic director for PCHS as well as having coached senior boys volleyball, senior basketball, cross country, and track and field.  She has helped out in many other areas as well, supervising golf, officiating volleyball and basketball, and organizing and running canteens for extra-curricular events.  In an effort to improve the morale of the sport teams, she has done a number of fund-raising events to purchase uniforms for the teams and has taken them to sporting events that they would not have had the opportunity to go to otherwise, such as U of R Cougar basketball and volleyball games.  

Although, she is primarily the phys ed instructor at PCHS, Jordann has also taken on other teaching rolls in the school that work toward improving the physical and mental well being of the students.  She has very successfully introduced Dance 10 to the school, and introduced a special credit class – the Fourth R (Relationships).

Punnichy Community High School became a better place when Jordann Casler joined the team.